Automated eBay Auction Sniper Software

26-07-2014 00-19-51In my last blog post I recounted a tale about how I (almost) lost out on winning an eBay auction for a large and lucrative lot of CDs.  Luckily the deal came back to me in the end.

It’s worth checking out that post, entitled ‘Use This Killer ‘Sniper’ Technique to Dominate eBay Auctions’, as I explain the methodology I use to evaluate whether individual eBay auctions are really worth bidding on.  I then show you how to manually ‘snipe’ auctions in such a way that you will invariably win them, and at the price you desire.

I am indebted to Lynn, for her suggestion of using an automated solution for sniping. takes the uncertainty of ‘waiting’ out of last minute sniping.

If you sign up with Auction Sniper (they give you 3 free trail snipes) they will bid on your behalf, so you don’t have to be at your computer (usually at an inconvenient time) when the auction ends.

Here are some of the Benefits of using Auction Sniper:

  • They place your bid seconds before the auction closes
  • Automatic – your computer doesn’t need to be on
  • Track your auctions – Auction Sniper notifies you if you are outbid
  • Inexpensive – you only pay when you win
  • No download required

After your complimentary three trial bids are used up, if you wish to continue, Auction Sniper thereafter charge only 1% of the final auction price with a minimum fee of $0.25 USD and a maximum fee of $9.95 USD for only the auctions that you win.

I’m all for software which saves time, and if this system helps to win valuable eBay auctions then I feel it’s well worth a trial run at the very least!

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