My £3,000 – £5,000 Challenge (& Diet)

I awoke on Monday morning to find with horror that I had been visited overnight by the ‘fat fairy’!

2015 - Straße 1…Not a large overweight fairy you understand, but the kind which bestows large amounts of unwelcome padding around your middle whilst you are asleep, and without your permission.

This did not seem at all fair, as I have been most diligent for some time now to avoid such an occurrence. I have kept the bedroom windows shut and hidden the bathroom scales, but all to no avail.

And despite my protestations it would seem, according to my wife, that it’s entirely my own fault… Oh well, I guess it’s time to go on a diet.

I have discovered over the years that losing weight and earning additional income both require very similar conditions in order to succeed.

I say this because I have also set myself another resolution, and that is to earn an additional £3,000 – £5,000 this coming year. If you fancy earning a few extra thousand this year, then perhaps you would like to join me on my journey.

Here are the essential conditions needed to achieve both goals…

1. You must have a clear and fixed target in mind

a. Diet – I plan to lose two stone over the next four months.

b. Income – I plan to earn an additional £3,000 – £5,000 over the next 12 months.

2. Your goal must be realistic

a. Diet – I know this is possible, as I achieved the very same target two years ago.

b. Income – Taking an average income of £4,000, that means I need to earn approx £11.00 each and every day of the year. I believe this to be possible and a workable plan has been adopted.

3. You need a workable plan

a. Diet – My diet worked before, so I will follow a similar regime.

b. Income – You will know by now that I like to create multiple small income streams, which together form a full river of income.

My pledge to you is to continue to hunt out small income earning niches in order that you can achieve the same target. In this free newsletter I will give you as much information as space will allow.

In my website The Profit Box I specialise in tracking down interesting and unusual income-generating ideas, and obviously I am able present them in far greater detail within the site…

For instance, I have just published a brand new business blueprint detailing how you can earn steady profits (all year round) from buying and selling wall calendars! Click here for more details.

4. Write down your plan in step-by-step detail – and go public

a. Diet – I have publicly announced my diet here in this newsletter, which should give me the boost I need to succeed in losing two stone.
b. Income – Again, I have announced how much I intend to earn this year and will keep you all updated on both counts.

5. Visualise your success

a. Diet – Visualising how it will feel to lose the weight (but visualise it right now) really does help to attune your mind to achieve your target.

b. Income – Make a list of what you will spend your extra income on. Write it as though you have already achieved your target and the money is already sitting in the bank

These five steps are simple, yet powerful, and I highly recommend them as a habit to adopt for any new goal you have in mind.

And before I go, I wanted to announce that my Profit Box ‘Treasure Hunt’ has now come to a close and the prize draw took place today.

I will be letting the lucky winners know the results directly by email, as well as posting the full answers to the clues within The Profit Box within the next 24 hours.

Until next time,


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