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thank you Sue for your comments. I must say that i have found ‘The Profit Box’ to be very professional and so far I am well pleased with my subscription and with Richards very clear instructions in his videos etc.

Kindest regards

Sue B. on 6 December 2016, 10:01.


“I just want to say how great this website is, the content is so do-able and always leaves me thinking “why didn’t I think of that”. I’ve really got cracking with some of the ideas and had a lot of fun doing it (and made a fair profit too!:-)).”  Denise M.


The Profit Box is the most clearly presented and inspiring business opportunity I have looked at. I wish I’d discovered it some time ago. I wish you well for the future.”  Ann C.


“Just a note to say I am enjoying working through The Profit Box information, it`s fascinating so many thanks. I have just told my family not to use 50ps without letting me see them first.”   Andy T.


“A mere glance gave me the idea of ‘classical records’ and off Kathy & I went to the old car boot. Got an old ‘Decca’ label for 50 p and went on eBay….selling for a minimum of £10.50. On some ‘Google’ sites, identical label/era were selling for £80!!” Keith W.


…after reading your article about classical records I am going to look into them as well. I am also looking at cds, dvds and videos even though there are loads and loads. Especially videos. They are 10 a penny at the moment but if you are prepared to spend some time checking every one that is for sale you can find one or two that are worth money. 


Last sunday a house clearance at my local car boot had two boxes full of videos. Nobody was looking at them but I checked every one. I found a video called “Damn Yankees”. A music video of a group from America. I have never heard of them. I bought 3 other videos and was charged 50p for the 4. When I got home I looked “Damn Yankees” up on Amazon and there it was, priced as I had hoped, £105.72 for a new copy and 3 used from £21.58 one of the 3 selling for £90.48. The other 2 for under £22 but both with very low feedback. One from America with 83% and the other with only 2 ratings and 50% feedback! (Terrible). I will put my copy on there for maybe £50ish. I have 100% feedback. From now on I am going to check every box of videos even if it takes time. 

I found a dvd for 50p early in the year. It was a film about virgins in Africa. (That’s right!) It looked an unusual film. I put it on Amazon and sold it for £20. Last year I bought a cd box set of Round The Horne. An old radio comedy. 10 cds. I paid £2 for them and sold the set for £90 on Amazon. It takes time to look through boxes full of records, cds, videos and dvds but if you have the time it can be very lucrative.”  Stuart C.


“…your communications persuaded me to also sell Classical CDs. I was lucky to find someone at a boot fair who was selling a small number of classical CDs. He told me he had plenty more at home and I arranged to go and see him and spent a couple of hours scanning them so that I could check Amazon prices. I only put them in my “buy” pile if they were selling on Amazon at £8.00 or more. Happily all of his CDs were in superb condition. I ended up buying 92 for £45.00.  So far about a third of them have sold on Amazon for £291.05…Now, based on your blueprint,  I am looking at beginning to buy and sell classical vinyl” T. Wright


“I appreciate so much, your in depth answer to my email. It is good to know that you are the kind of person who backs up their sales pitch with comprehensive answers to potential customers. You have not hidden behind any company email address, but have shown yourself to be a genuine business person and your willingness to answer my question, has persuaded me to try The Profit Box. Thank you again for your honesty and for your time spent in explaining how your system would work for me here in Germany.”  Best wishes Ron K.


“…having had the opportunity to browse through your site and download a few blueprints and bonuses,  I am fully convinced that I can benefit immensely from your personal coaching and virtually inexhaustible resources in the months and, hopefully, years to come. I have therefore decided to confirm that I want to remain a member of The Profit Box for an indefinite period.
Kind regards”
   Kwesi A.


I keep a spread sheet of my figures & to date I have listed a total of 290 puzzles (inc a few board games) costing a total of £322.88 of which I have sold 139 at a net profit of £990.02, so am well in pocket with 151 puzzles still in stock…Thank you.
Gordon G.


Hi Richard,  Just thought I would drop you a line regarding your blueprint on selling calendars. I had never given much thought to selling calendars, but after reading your blueprint, I was shopping in my local town when I saw a card shop that was closing down. Their calendars were all £1 each 🙂 so after browsing through them I was amazed to find some Jamie Dorman calendars (50 Shades of Grey) there were 5, so I bought them all together with a few other different ones – making a total outlay of £11. I then went home and looked on Amazon and there was one person selling the Jamie calendar at a silly price of £300+ . I decided to try my luck with a price of £29.99 plus postage and much to my delight and amazement all of them sold within two weeks. Not a bad profit. A couple of the others have also sold between 14.99 and 19.99 😉

Thank you for this blueprint. I read all your blueprints regularly and take on board your advice. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.”
Sue S.


“…I’m really enjoying being a member of The Profit Box and was particularly interested in the classical LPs article. Keep up the good work 🙂 Best Regards.”
Lynn N.

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