More Ways to Earning Easy Cash from Home

Earning easy cash from home


There is a much overlooked but easy couple of ways to earn tangible cash from home.


The first method I have used to great success consistently for many years is one that I have already written about in greater detail on this site, but I would like to now give some up-to-date statistics to back up my earnings and to prove that it is still a very viable method to bring in the cash.


Have you ever thought of buying and selling used and/or new jigsaw puzzles?  Over the last six months I have sold 322 jigsaw puzzles on Amazon for the sum of £3,753.  Even though Amazon selling fees and the original purchase cost of these puzzles has to be taken into account, this is still a remarkable figure for sales achieved over such a short period of time.  Additionally Amazon also give a fairly generous amount of postage & packing cost for each puzzle which has not been included in the calculation above and some of these postal funds can therefore be partially offset against costs or treated as additional income.



Status Quantity ordered Quantity shipped Product Details Unit price Totals
Shipped 1 1 Memories of the 1940s: 1940s Shopping Basket – 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: Puzzle 2173

ASIN: B00131XE7G

Condition: Used – Very Good

Listing ID: 1121QEEIPSS

Order Item ID: 50772493603147

Condition note: A very good jigsaw puzzle. Bright & colourful cardboard box. Jigsaw pieces in very good order. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Item subtotal £23.99
Shipping total £4.41
Item total £28.40



Total Charged to Customer: £28.40



One of the most important aspects of the figures which Amazon provide if you have a seller’s account with them is that against each jigsaw puzzle you have in your inventory they state the amount earned on a per transaction basis which you will receive after their fees have been deducted and this is obviously useful information when looking to calculate net profit.  Please see example below which is based on a jigsaw puzzle I currently have for sale with Amazon at a cost to the customer of £14.99 plus £4.25 post & packing.




Fee Preview

Type Amount
Amazon Referral Fee £2.89
Variable Closing Fee £0.00
Per Item Fee £0.00


Fee Estimate £2.89 1



The second way to earn more part-time cash from home can be achieved by buying and selling second-hand VHS videos.  Some of the earnings can be quite substantial and surprising as it is quite possible for a VHS video to be listed and sold in short order for £29, even though originally it might only have cost you up to 50p to buy in the first instance. See below example.


Status Quantity ordered Quantity shipped Product Details Unit price Totals
Shipped 1 1 Autocross ’60s Style [VHS] [VHS Tape] [1991]

SKU: VO5425

ASIN: B00004CM1P

Condition: Used – Good

Listing ID: 0317OAYKYO4

Order Item ID: 11299608438003

Condition note: A good single VHS video cassette. Bright & colourful plastic casing. Video cassette in good order.

Item subtotal £29.00
Shipping total £2.80
Item total £31.80



Total Charged to Customer: £31.80



Over the past six months I have sold 75 VHS videos on Amazon for the sum of £645.  Again, Amazon selling fees have to be taken into account, together with the original purchase cost of the video (which can often be quite insignificant for this type of product).  Nonetheless I think you will agree that this type of product and buying and selling technique can prove to be quite lucrative, as well as being a fun fairly low stressful way to do business.


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