Video box set profits

Even my bad back couldn’t stop me from making money from VHS video box sets!

Just as I was heading out on Saturday morning to the Post Office, my back decided to give up the ghost, resulting in a pile of packages strewn all over the driveway and me doing a passable imitation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame… with sound effects!

…Hence, no newsletter.

Thank you for being understanding and I especially wanted to thank all those who emailed me with words of encouragement and sympathy: your emails were much appreciated!

In case you were wondering what brought my condition about… well, many of your speculations proved correct. It was a combination too much time stooped over my computer keyboard combined with lifting heavy boxes of videos and CDs!

One of you made a very shrewd observation:

‘At least you still have all your books, videos and CDs still selling whilst you are laid up.’ Very true!

It’s at times like these that I am glad that I have put some effort into setting up some semi-automatic income streams, so that the cash doesn’t dry up when I am temporarily out of action.

One of my income streams, as you well know, is buying and selling old VHS video tapes. It’s still the best little money generator (purely in terms of profits margin) that I know. After all, where else can you buy items for 25p and then turn around and sell them for £5, £10, £15, or even £47?

If you’d like to see the strategy I use, then take a look here.

Now, ass we head deeper into the period of the Christmas online shopping frenzy, I wanted to point out one small but popular sub-niche within the video market which works well for me – namely video box sets.

Make money from video box sets on the run up to Christmas

Box sets – particularly those of television series – are always in hot demand in the run up to Christmas.

I compiled this list of box sets / series from my sales, taken from the last 3 months, to illustrate this point and to further illustrate the potential profit margins to be made from buying and selling VHS Videos.
•Stargate Sg1: Volume 5 [VHS] [2002] (5 videos) – £71.99

•Kingdoms – Lion (nature) In Conflict 2 [1994] [VHS] [1995] – £47.00

•Knight Rider – The Classic Collection – Volume 3 [VHS] [2002] – £18.00

•Moscow Music Peace Festival: Volume 1 – Featuring Skid Row [VHS] [1989] – £14.99

•Weight Watchers Workout Series: Low Impact Aerobics [VHS] [1996] – £9.98

•Around Whicker’s World [VHS] – £8.35

•Tosca: In the Settings and at the Times of Tosca [VHS] [1992] – £5.76

•Forsyte Saga – Box Set [1967] [VHS] [2002] – £5.49

•Open All Hours – Series 1 and 2 [VHS] [1976] – £4.49

•The Irish R.M. (1983) (TV-Series) [VHS] [2000] – £4.35

•Tom and Jerry’s Bumper Collection: Volume 2 [VHS] [1995] – £4.00

•Keeping Up Appearances: Sea Fever/Hyacinth Tees Off [VHS] [1996] – £3.95

•Masterpieces Of Western Art – The National Gallery : A Private View – Vol.1 – £3.90

•Animaniacs – Volume 1 [VHS] [1994] – £3.40

•Only Fools And Horses: The Complete Series 7 [VHS] [1981] – £2.99

One of the reasons that box sets sell well at this time of the year is that people snap them up in the knowledge that they might have a bit more leisure over the Christmas period in order to sit back and watch them, along with the extended family who may be visiting over the festive period.

With box sets you will expect to have to pay more than 25p for a video; perhaps more in the region of £2–3.

But do be selective when buying and try to go for the more obscure programmes. The more popular series, like Friends, you should avoid like the plague, as they would have been produced in great numbers and hence will still be widely available at low prices.

PS: Remember, if you’d like to follow my step by step approach to profiting from VHS videos (including box sets), take a look here.

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