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Fotolia_71991321_XS (1)I want to give you a quick snapshot of what’s working well for me at the moment; or more to the point, which products are currently earning me a good income… right now!

You know what they say: ‘If you want to succeed, copy someone who is already successful‘ – work out what they are doing and then find a way to improve on it.

In other words, don’t try to re-invent the wheel by going your own sweet way, just on a hunch that your idea is a winner and no one else seems to be doing it, thus making your product or service unique and original.

Frankly, that’s a recipe for disaster. Believe me, I know because I have been down that road so many times before. Sure, it’s great to be original and unique, but it can take time and a lot of marketing money for original ideas to catch on, and ‘time’ – or lack of it – surely is our most valuable commodity and one which we don’t want to waste through experimentation.

So take your originality, your creative drive, and apply it to something, or the ideas of someone who has already trodden such a path. And if they are still walking that same path, the chances are that they are succeeding and their ideas or products are worth copying.

So find someone – not just me, it could be anyone! – whose ideas resonate with you, their concepts which excite you, and their teaching methods which make sense to you… then take a leaf out of their book and that’s when you may want to add a unique twist of originality.

For my part, here is quick summary of just four of my products which HAVE been working for me over the last two months. These are my sales statistics for the last 60 days:

Four niche physical products sold on – Sept / Oct 2014

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The beauty of selling these types of products is that once you have reached a critical mass, in terms of stock, all you have to do is buy the odd item when you are out and about in order to keep a steady stream of daily/monthly sales rolling in.

Although I have often mentioned these four niches in my regular email newsletters in the past, I have now presented you with the full facts showing exactly what they are worth to me in monetary terms on a monthly basis.

If you feel you too would like to experiment with any of these profitable niches, then you might care to take a look at my website, The Profit Box where I have created fully detailed business blueprints covering each topic.

These four niche stock items are just part of my sales armoury, and I am always experimenting to find new profitable areas to dive into.

Over the last month I have found a cracking new niche – Book-plate prints…

Although I call this a new niche, in fact I used to sell book plate prints about five years ago, but then got side-tracked with other projects – as you do. But now I have been taking an analytical look at this whole collectibles category again and I’m interested to see that it has been running along very happily without me. If anything, it’s an even more profitable today than it ever was.

The topic of book-plate prints has been the subject of my latest business blueprint, just posted to my website The Profit Box, where I pull back the curtain and shine a spotlight on one very profitable sub-niche within this main book-plate category.

Until next week, happy hunting.


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    Malcolm Callaghan

    I’m making a comment because I like the way you write. I have bought a couple of things on your recommendation but ashamed to say that I have not followed them up sufficiently to get much benefit. I became side-tracked into online betting when doing “Bonus-Bagging” which incidentally is a wonderful service but it did send me off the straight and narrow. I really intended to exercise my writing skills within Amazon’s KDP. Maybe I’ll see the light and do something worthwhile before it’s too late!
    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your emails are appreciated and that you seem to talk a lot more sense than most of the communications I receive.

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    Hi Richard this is good content here would love to try out some of this my eBay is very slow at moment on your website do you show what media to buy and booksto buy to get the plates

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      Richard Bullivant

      Hi Trevor…In my latest blueprint I focus on one particular sub-niche within the book-plate category, and yes I show which books to buy and where to source them. Over the coming months I will be featuring further sub-niches i.e. different styles and subjects of book-plates and will present them with the same level of detail.

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