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There’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a profitable opportunity…

…once it has already become common knowledge and the buzz and excitement generated by the great idea is all but over.

Too often we find ourselves ‘a day late and a dollar short,’ as the saying goes.  And chances are we simply chalk it up to yet another missed golden opportunity!

All we can do is look on, with some degree of envy, whilst all the early adopters end up reaping the rewards.

What’s hot and what’s not? That’s the question…

But how is it that some people always seem to be in the know?

It’s almost as if they have in-built radar alerting them in advance to potentially profitable opportunities.

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s I worked for many years as an antiques courier. I spent countless days driving American (usually) antiques buyers around the countryside buying antiques and invariably stopping off at local village pubs to discuss tactics.

…And I got paid to do it!

During those very happy years, I came to realise that there were three important attributes which differentiated buyers and sellers who actually MADE money, from those that didn’t:

  1. Information – Detailed knowledge about the particular items they were buying – preferably more information than the seller.
  2. Timing – A sense of timing; predicting the transient nature of trends, fads and fashion, was invaluable.
  3. Vision – The best dealers also had a vision as to what they wanted to achieve, over what time-span and what it would take for them to achieve their goals.  In short, they had a plan.

These same three attributes apply not just to antique dealers, but to literally anyone with an eye for a bargain or opportunity.

Indeed, I always try to apply these same principles to many of the ideas which I work with today.

One such opportunity presented itself last April…

I was browsing in one of the rather quaint, rickety bookshops in Cecil Court, a narrow alley in London’s west end – an area nicknamed “Diagon Alley” as it resembles the famous alley from the Harry Potter films.

The shop I was in at the time deals in Modern First Edition books; which I love to collect as I have profited considerably from this genre in the past.

I asked the bookshop owner if he could recommend any newly released books which he sensed might appreciate over the coming year.

Without saying a word he held up a book entitled The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, smiled and gave a slight wink.  It was quite a good looking hardback, costing about £15.

Here was information direct from an expert: someone who was likely to be ‘in the know.’

A few months later it was revealed that that the very same book was in fact penned by J.K. Rowling and the supposed author ‘Robert Galbraith,’ as it turned out, was her unknown literary pen name.

Overnight, following this revelation by The Sunday Times, the second-hand value of a copy of The Cuckoo’s Calling rose from £15 to many hundreds of pounds per copy. This high value was fuelled by the fact that the first print run (1st edition) was printed in very limited numbers… after all, who had ever heard of Robert Galbraith?

By the time a second print run was ordered, the cat was well and truly out of the bag and the revised second edition now mentioned J.K. Rowling as the true author. Therefore, as is so often the way, it was the only first edition – still anonymous – which commanded the really big money.

My point here is that fantastic opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and are not just limited to expensive antiques.  Often these little gems are hiding in plain sight under our very noses.

An item does not have to be old or expensive in order to turn a profit.  As long as you have the right information, a good sense of timing and that magical spark of vision, then they can be found all around us.

In my weekly newsletters, whilst I pay homage to these principles, there are times when I am frustrated, as I would love to get into far more depth and detail in order to reveal the whole picture – more of a mini blueprint if you will.

Take one of my favourite topics: Jigsaw Puzzles, last mentioned in my Maverick Marketing Report in early November.

I suggested that some handsome profits can be had from buying and selling new and second-hand jigsaws, and recommended the particular brand Ravensburger as a starting point.

But when it comes to jigsaw puzzles things have moved on and become even more profitable, as I have developed and scaled this idea further. I would love to give you the whole picture.

So here’s the question: Would you like me to produce more detailed cash-generating mini-blueprint reports, and if so on what topics?

To help me imake sure I’m create reports that you really want,  I’ve created a really quick tick-box survey, suggesting some areas you may be interested in; these are subjects I can research on your behalf in order to provide that magic ingredient of ‘insider information,’ which will put you at the front of the wave, just for a change.

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Until next week.

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