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Here’s a terrible joke for you…

Question: What do you call a camel with three humps?
Answer: Humphrey!

I told you it was bad, but the strange thing about simple jokes like this is that they are memorable, unlike more complex jokes which you can never recall at the right time.

I tell you my (actually my wife’s) Humphrey joke because today’s newsletter is all about camels – three camels to be precise – and it may help you to remember this fantastic website:

I was out and about last week, shopping for toner ink replacements for my new Samsung laser printer, which, despite manufacturer claims, seems to devour ink as though money doesn’t matter.

Seriously, printer ink is one of my greatest business expenses, so it pays for me to shop around. I thought I had been clever too. I came home having saved a whole chunk of money by comparison shopping in stores like Curry’s and Staples… That is until I went online to look further.

I checked out, which I have known about for some time, but never really had cause to investigate until now… and what a great website it is!

The first thing it kindly informed me was that I hadn’t been clever at all by running around comparison shopping out in the high street. Had I check with this website first, I could have saved myself a further fortune… Damn!
Leaving the topic of printer ink now, let’s look more deeply into this really useful website…

Here are its main benefits:

  • will allow you to check the current new prices on Amazon, as well as the new and used prices of the 3rd party sellers also advertised on Amazon.
  • The site’s most important attribute however is its ability to ‘track prices of any Amazon listed product over time’.

How is this important?

Well it gives you the heads up when a product’s price is at an all-time historical low, or high, compared to a base-line average list price.

Here’s an example: Logitech keyboard

By signing up (for free), Camel Camel Camel will allow you to customise your own personal wish list of items, tracked over a period of time.

Say, for instance, you wanted to buy a specific item for Christmas, but you have a budget figure which you don’t want to exceed…

This site will track the item for you and then send you an email, or tweet, when the current selling price has moved to match your budget figure.

If you want to spot bargains from falling prices, tracked by graphs and with personal alerts, then Camel Camel Camel might be just what you are looking for!

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