My Top 10* Best Selling Items at Car Boot Sales (*excluding bacon sandwiches)

If you were to ask me what is the very best thing to buy at a car boot sale, my answer would very much depend on how hungry I am. If starving, I would almost certainly recommend a nice hot bacon sandwich.

But then my wife has always said that my brain is ruled by my stomach!

But leaving food to one side (as we covered that last week), here is a list of my Top 10 best-selling items currently in demand at car boot sales today…

My Top 10 recommended car boot best sellers…

1. Clothes. Clothes are a top seller at car boots. Children’s and designer clothes sell well, but do expect to get haggled on the prices.

Presentation: Iron them and if possible put them on a clothes rail. Always check your clothes for tears or damage before displaying.

2. CDs, PC games, DVDs and records. CDs, PC Games, DVDs and records sell well at car boot sales.

Most stall holders sell these for a couple of pounds or less. When it comes to selling vinyl records, check values online to make sure you are not giving away a rarity for just a few quid.

Presentation: Place your records in a proper record box. Remember, it’s illegal to sell copied CDs, games or DVDs at a car boot sale.

3. Perfumes and cosmetics. Perfume and cosmetics sell at car boot sales, but they must be unused! Even unwanted presents such as new shower gels, sun creams, moisturisers, etc, will sell.

Presentation: It’s a good idea to place perfumes and cosmetics in a nice basket for maximum impact.

4. Collectables and books. This is one of the most popular categories from a buyer’s perspective, so it’s essential you know the value of your collectable items before taking them to car boot sales.

If you are unsure what an item is worth, check out similar items on eBay or Google them.

Fiction paperbacks sell very well to people about to jet off on their holidays. Hardback books don’t sell well, unless they are non-fiction.

Presentation: If you do bring valuable items to the car boot, then unpack them last and place them somewhere you can watch over them.

5. Jewellery. Jewellery and wrist watches are good sellers at car boot sales…

  • Junk jewellery: this is miscellaneous stuff – beads and bracelets etc.
  • Costume jewellery: this is better stuff – period pieces with non-precious metals and stones (some of these pieces can make good money, so better pieces are worth checking out first, especially if they have a name on them).
  • Fine jewellery and gold: personally I wouldn’t bring jewellery of this calibre to a car boot sale – better to sell via eBay or directly to a jeweller.

Presentation: A great trick for attracting people to your stall is to put all your junk jewellery in a box or a tin for buyers to rummage through. Your costume and fine jewellery should be presented separately.

6. Watches and clocks. Know the potential values of watches and clocks BEFORE the day, as some can be quite valuable.

Presentation: Make sure batteries are replaced and clocks are wound up.

7. Musical instruments. Musical instruments are a great seller at car boot sales, e.g. guitars, amps, flutes, saxophones, violins, keyboards and drums.

Presentation: Most instruments are easy to damage, so pack them well and place them in a safe place on your stall.

8. Tools and garden stuff. Tools and garden accessories, e.g. plant pots and garden statuary, always sell well at car boot sales. Make sure they are clean and in working order.

Presentation: Make sure heavy items won’t topple and injure a member of the buying public.

9. Furniture and bric-a-brac. Tables, chairs and cupboards all sell at car boot sales!

Presentation: Remember that large and bulky items can occupy a lot of space in your vehicle and limit what else you might want to bring along to the car boot sale.

10. Electrical items. Small electrical items sell well at car boot sales. Mobile phones are also still sought after. Personally I wouldn’t bring along larger electrical items, as they will leave you little room for other saleable commodities.

Presentation: Be sure that you check your items are working order, and if possible, show them working to potential buyers. Even if you advertise your item as ‘sold as seen’, the buyer has the right to expect a refund or remuneration if the item is not as described.

Please remember to check all items are fit and safe for sale first!

Good luck, if you are heading off to a car boot sale this weekend.

We’ll talk again next week.

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