Jigsaw Puzzles Help Put Food on the Table

puzzle_lot_smallerWhy, you might ask, have I got my dining room table covered in jigsaw puzzles?

Well, it’s an interim measure while I find room to store them more permanently.  I have just bought a job lot of puzzles, which my wife Liz has now listed for sale on Amazon and before they find a new home I wanted to take a quick snapshot to show you what I come home with on a regular basis.

Considering Liz loves a clean and tidy house, it a minor miracle that she allows them to linger…but the truth is that she love jigsaw puzzles just as much as I do.

I have been buying and selling jigsaw puzzles on a regular basis for the last twelve months, and in a few short days 15th-16th August, I will be releasing my next Profit Box blueprint devoted entirely to jigsaw puzzles.  This is a collectible which I love for their beauty and profitability.

I have been absolutely blown away (and I think you will be too) by how much money can be made from buying and selling these innocuous, but colourful low-cost boxes of delight, which can be easily found at high street locations.

Oh, and in case you are worrying that you may not have space to store jigsaw’s, then I have the perfect solution for you.

Stay tuned…only a few more days and then you will be able to dive into this new profitable and revealing blueprint.


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