10 Collectibles Well Worth Looking Out For

Like any market, the value of certain collectibles can rise and fall…

It can be frustrating if you’ve been religiously collecting a specific set of items only to see their value suffer a sudden drop.

The value of items can drop for a number of reasons…

Media hype – It could well be that an item was enjoying a particular ‘high’ as a result of press coverage. When the buzz of the media dies away, there is nothing further to stimulate demand and values can drop away.

Limited editions – Items described as ‘limited edition’ without actually stating a figure i.e. limited to 500 copies, should be avoided, as the true limit could in fact be endless.

The motive behind the production – If an item was stylish and produced for a specific utilitarian purpose, or to commemorate a specific event, then it might rise in value when production ceases – particularly if it becomes iconic; reminding us of times gone by.  However, if an item whose sole purpose was to become a profitable ‘fad’, then it’s popularity will likely be short-lived.

But every cloud has its silver lining and when one collectible drops in value, others soar.
With these criteria in mind, here are 10 items which are worth looking out for, as their values are rising…

1. Barbie and action toys from the same era

The original Barbie doll (still boxed) cost the equivalent of £1.70 when first produced in 1959. That same doll would be worth well in excess of £3,000 today. In fact, I have just looked at eBay’s results and seen a #2 model from 1959 go for £2,342.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that ALL Barbies go for this kind of money. Those from the 1960s + 1970s might go for £150–£350, depending upon condition.

2. Modern first edition books

First edition books, especially those from the ‘golden era’ of publishing (1930s–1960s) have been experiencing a boom of late, as an alternative and possibly safer form of investment to stocks and shares.

Popular modern firsts authors to look out for are: Ian Fleming, Captain W.E. Johns (Biggles), Dick Francis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling. Earlier publications in a writer’s career are more sought after than later works. Books must be first edition, first impressions to qualify as a ‘modern first’, i.e. an edition from the very first print run, from the original publishing house.

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3. Men’s cufflinks

Men’s cufflinks are extremely popular at the moment, with sterling silver cufflinks always being good, steady sellers. But it’s the trend for novelty cufflinks which has currently taken centre stage. Diverse cufflink designs are available, both new and second-hand, depicting subjects such as, trains, planes and automobiles, golf, football and even the Daleks!

4. Jigsaw puzzles – Waddington’s

Modern second-hand jigsaw puzzles are very popular and good sellers on eBay and Amazon.  However, it is the limited edition Christmas puzzles, produced annually and in reasonably short print runs, which can produce the most surprising profits of all. The best example and well worth collecting, is the Waddington’s range of Christmas puzzles: ‘Beginning in 1994, Waddington’s released Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles annually until 2007, a total of thirteen puzzles… The small number of puzzles, combined with the fact that they were all limited editions, has made these puzzles among the most sought-after in the world.’ – Wikipedia

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5. Toy cars

Vintage toy cars are becoming quite rare, and early (1960s) Corgi and Matchbox cars are always in hot demand. They really are a perfect collectible item, made even more valuable if the cars, e.g. James Bond’s Aston Martin or the Batmobile, still have their original box present and intact. These cars originally cost 2 shillings 6d, whilst today a good early James Bond Corgi car (boxed) can easily fetch in excess of £500 on sites like eBay.

6. Cocktail shakers

Cocktails shakers are currently in vogue, possibly due to the popularity of Edwardian style TV programmes such as Downton Abbey. Original untouched vintage silver plated examples are becoming scarce and quite hard to find. You are more likely to find reconditioned (re-silvered) shakers, which are still very saleable. It’s best to avoid modern stainless steel versions, which are likely mass-produced and imported from China.

7. Alarm clocks

Collecting vintage alarm clocks offers all the advantages of owning some of the 20th century’s most stunning designs, but at a fraction of the cost. They are excellent value for money. Alarm clocks are practical, portable and don’t require a great deal of mechanical upkeep.

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8. Cigarette lighters

Collecting vintage cigarette lighters is an incredibly popular hobby and there are many styles to choose from. Basically there were three stages of lighter development, which produced three distinct styles: the manual striking type, such as a Zippo; the semi-automatic lighter and finally the automatic lighter.

9. Fountain/ballpoint pens

There is something stylish and classy about owning your own fountain pen. They are a thing of beauty and reflect an age of timeless elegance. Popular makes to look out for are: Sheaffer, Waterman, Parker, and Wahl.

10. Commemorative coins in circulation

Commemorative coins are minted – usually in limited quantities – to mark or commemorate a specific occasion or anniversary. They can be found in current circulation as everyday loose-change. The Kew Gardens 50 pence coin, struck to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the Foundation of The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is currently worth approximately £40 on eBay.

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