How to Give Your eBay Listings an Edge (for prints)

An email flooded in last week, from a member asking how they could create an eBay listing for their prints, in such a way  as to make it stand out from the crowd.

I thought my reply would be worth sharing with all the Profit box members:

My advise to make your prints stand out on eBay:vector pencils, leadership concept

  • Make sure your listing is a ‘Buy It Now’ listing, and not an ‘Auction’ when when selling prints.
  • Make your listing last as long as possible – usually 30 days.
  • Make sure you ‘include’ postage within your asking price.
  • Make sure your description is as full as possible, with as much detail. I would also write a reasonable length biography about Thewell (print artist) as part of your description.
  • I would also suggest you place a printed copy of the same biography on a hard copy printed sheet, placed within the polythene bag, behind the print….and mention this fact in your description. People thinking of buying your print will like this added bonus, as it will save them explaining all about the artist when giving the print as a gift.
  • Make sure that you mention in the description that the printed is already mounted and ready to be fitted into a standard size frame. Give the size of the print and the exterior size of the mount.
  • In the ‘Title’ of your eBay listing make sure you put the word ‘Mounted.’ Personally I would spend the extra few pence and add a sub-title, where I would mention something along the lines of ‘Colourful Humorous Illustration – ‘Perfect gift for all occasions.’…adapt this as you see fit. I would also (if space allows) add the word/s ‘gifts’ and/or ‘presents’ to the main title description – this will give people searching eBay other options that they might not have originally thought of.
  • Important -Please remember to include the qualifying statement within the description – See Appendix from the blueprint – all about the print being removed from a dis-bound book etc – Important.
    Take good photo’s with good lighting, showing as much detail as possible. Take at least one photo of the print ‘without’ the mount and one ‘with’ the mount…preferably add in a few more close-up pictures (it won’t cost you any more – up to 12).
  • Check the prices of your competition at the time of your listing and make sure your prices are competitively priced.
  • Mention – at the end of your listing – that you are also listing other similar Thelwell prints and that the browser is invited to view them.
  • Describe, in your description, your careful policy for packing and posting. Best to use new Jiffy bubble bag with cardboard stiffener. Post within 2 working days.
  • Remember – its a good thing when you see a lot of competition – this means that the prints you have selected are popular and do sell.

OK…that’s about it. If you follow all of the techniques listed above you should have a good result.

I plan to be doing at least one similar ‘print-based’ blueprint over the coming months, so people have a chance to build up their catalogue of prints for sale. It’s unlikely that you will make comfortable living from selling just one style of print, but the money will start to flow in when you have a variety of prints on offer at any one time, and your name starts to be recognised and people start looking for you and bookmarking you for future purchases.


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  1. 1
    Eric Dunkerley

    Would you recommend taking colour prints of the print that you remove from the book
    so that you have constant supply of the print or would this breach copyright ?

    • 2
      Richard Bullivant

      Hi Eric,

      I would recommend that you do NOT do this, as it would definitely breach copyright. In short – You can sell your own copy (or parts) of the book, but you cannot make further copies for sale by duplicating your copy.
      Best Wishes

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