Christmas Sales Started Bang on Schedule

I  mentioned in an earlier post that one should not be too concerned if your online sales dip slightly during July & August.

In fact I recommended that, rather than worry about poor sales, it’s a good policy to concentrate on building up your stock during the summer months, as historically the Christmas shopping rush starts during the last week of August…and you need to be prepared for it with some decent stock.

I always find it a little unnerving to make such rash promises, but this is one prediction I was confident to make, as historically you can set your clock by the start of the festive shopping season.

Below is a snapshot of purely my music CD sales from just the last two weeks, which I show to demonstrate that good value sales can happen in a hurry when you have the right stock at the right time!

My Top 20 Music CD sales over the last two weeks (25th Aug – 8th Sept.)

Christmas sales start at the end of August

Some Interesting Observations:

  • Although I show you only my top 20 high value sales, I did in fact sell 52 music CDs within this two week period, for a total income of £311.78.
  • Almost 50% of these sales are from within the classical genre (see my Classical CDs Profit Box blueprint).
  • The high value sellers do NOT come from the musical genres that many would expect e.g. The Rock & Pop era (1960’s – 1980′) or any of the more recent decades.  In fact they come from the calmer waters of  the Classical, Jazz (see the Badness CD) and some of the ignored back catalogues of the middle-of-the-road genre.
  • Coming Soon! – I will shortly be creating another Profit Box blueprint, to supplement the existing classical CD one, covering these other profitable, but often much ignored musical genre.